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Children's Books

The Adventures of Max and Ned


One dark and stormy night, when the Barnyard Big Band's bus nearly collides with the Sunshine Circus train, a donkey named Max meets a zebra named Ned. Max has always dreamed of running free on an African savanna, while Ned would love to live in a comfy barn. Hmm, what can they do? Illustrations by Australian artist Rod McRae bring to life this "trading places" animal fantasy.

Annie's Secret Diary


When Annie's family travels to Honduras to visit friends, Annie keeps a secret diary to write about her trip. She travels through the mountains, swims in the ocean, dances under the stars, and learns many Spanish words from her new friend Ana. Also available in Spanish.

Timmy Tries


In this patterned text, written to practice short i and long i vowel sounds, Timmy tries again and again to fly a kite. You'll just have to guess how it ends.